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Preferred Requests:I don't draw:
Fantasy charactersMecha
Fan ArtCP
Pin UpsDetailed Muscles
Realistic portraitsDetailed Backgrounds

Terms of Payment / Usage

• For Personal use only.
• For rush/urgent commissions, commission at least 1 week before due date. Anything lesser than 1 week will be charged +10% the total price of the artwork.
• 50% payment up front, 50% after artwork is finished
• Accepting payment via:
- International: Paypal
- Local: Bank transfer / GCash
• No refunds allowed when the sketch is started. However, I might refund your payment due to unforeseen circumstances.
• Paying the commission means that you have read and agreed to the commission info and guidelines.
• Only 3 revisions are allowed in the sketching phase. Anything past that would not be accepted.
• I have the right to refuse commissions, especially the ones that goes against my moral standards.
• Commissioned works are qualified for publishing on my social media accounts or portfolio, unless requested by client to be NDA.

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★ Commission status: ★

♢ Illustration Commissions

Slots: 0/4 ‹
NSFW slots: 0/2 ‹
★ Progress sheet: CLICK HERE

★ Additional Info★

+60% for additional characters
+20% base rate for complex details upon artist's standards (armor, detailed character design, backgrounds, etc.)
I take my time on my work. I am currently enrolled in uni, and I have output based projects. As much as possible, I try to avoid burnout. Turnover ranges from 1 week to 1 month.]
• Paypal clients should shoulder the Paypal fee

★ Rates ★

› Sketch B/W‹ 
Half Body$45
› Full Render Colored ‹ 
Half Body$110

★ Others ★

Full Body Colored Rendered$180
Colored Icons$30

★Your works are nice, How do I place a commission?★

• Kindly read and keep the commission info in mind.

• Contact me via Twitter <-click here / Discord (oyabun#4498) / Email (Subject: Commission)
- Responses in email are more delayed compared to twitter or discord.

• Fill up the creative brief here as you speak with the artist: CLICK HERE
- Filling up this form is required to help me, the artist in producing a quality work for you.

• Place your 50% downpayment via the offered payment channels.
- For local / PH residents: GCash / bank transfer
- For international residents: paypal (clients must shoulder the paypal fee)
- Refunds are not allowed when the sketch has started. However, I have the right to refund the payment if there are unforeseen circumstances regarding the artwork.
- Once confirmed, you will be given a slot.

• Bookmark this link to easily access the progress sheet

• The remaining 50% of the payment must be paid first before turnover.
- A 300px resolution .png of the commission will be sent to your email upon completion.

› Illust_

› Sketches/

› I prefer to work on a 50% gray background, but I could work on white upon request.

› 2D game

Made in aseprite and photoshop. Most of these are outputs from my projects in uni.

› Graphic

Made in photoshop / illustrator / canva